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Developing potential – Business Coaching in Cape Town

Coachways Executive, Life and Business Coaching Cape Town – is committed to the sustainable development of people and their inherent potential through coaching and group work interventions.

Coachways is the result of Sandra Ansorge’s love for working with people and her passion for sharing her learning with others. Sandra is an Integral coach and facilitator of group processes that can bring life to your developmental goals.

Sandra helps executive and private clients explore their potential. This work is aimed at anyone who is curious about themselves and is interested in finding ways to become more effective and fulfilled in their life. Sandra journeys with her clients, helping them discover their own unique solutions and build a more rewarding future for themselves.

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Coachways – Business Coaching Cape Town –  also offers developmental interventions through group work and has a range of product offerings, which are customized to meet each individual client’s needs.

For large-scale projects, Coachways draws on a national network of highly skilled coaches and facilitators for coaching panels and training delivery to meet your organizational needs.

We offer Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Training, Life Coaching, Coaching Workshops, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, Facilitation and team development with the Enneagram.

Implementing a business coaching strategy?

Sandra has extensive experience in assisting organizations in the implementation of their business coaching strategy. This involves the development of business coaching skills for line managers in workshops, coaching circles, and the provision of high calibre external coaching panels.

To see Sandra’s full coaching profile, download this pdf now.

Sandra Ansorge – Integral Business Coach Cape Town – Coachways the chance to develop your potential with Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership and Life Coaching, Leadership Training, Coaching Workshops, Tension and Trauma Release (TRE) Exercises, Facilitation and Team Development with the Enneagram. Career Success. Workplace Relationship Development

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